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Principle of action

Swiss Bio Inov introduces its 4th generation of the ATP38® and is becoming the benchmark in the medical field.


800 nm to

835 nm

Deep red

745 nm to

775 nm

Deep red

665 nm to

695 nm


610 nm to

635 nm


580 nm to

600 nm


510 nm to

540 nm


450 nm to

470 nm


Photostimulation (also called phototherapy) is a non-aggressive, non-thermal treatment method based on the use of
different wavelengths corresponding to a suitably precise field of action. Photons penetrate the body and are absorbed
by the cells.

The radiation emitted by the ATP38® is characterised by the purity of its wavelengths adjusted to the frequency of the absorption peaks of our cell mitochondria receptors.

This correspondence, similar to 7 windows open over different depths, optimises the energy dose effectively absorbed by the cell, increases cell stimulation and produces a significant ATP (adenosine triphosphate) stimulant effect.

The wavelengths used by the ATP38® comply with a dosimetry calibrated with respect to a protocol defined and limited to a certain power for biostimulation, in other words, revival of cell activity to allow the cell to regenerate and repair itself.


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Version 1.0.0  Date of update: May 2018
Not commercially available in the USA
Manufactured by: Swiss Bio Inov
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