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Since its creation, Swiss Bio Inov has displayed its competence in the domains of design and manufacture of all types of lasers and electromagnetic spectrum sources.

Swiss Bio Inov, through its subcontractors, designs since 1990 electronic boards and wiring for all types of technical equipment. Quickly, the specialization in the Biophotonic modulation became essential and gave birth to the ATP38®.

By partnering with physicians, researchers and scientists, Swiss Bio Inov introduces its 4th generation of the ATP38® and is becoming the benchmark in the medical field. The ATP38® concept is the result of ten years of study and innovation..

This technology and innovation is at the service of practitioners to make the excellence of patient care affordable. 


The latest generation is now on the market.

Innovation Award in 2010


Swiss Bio Inov Europe

305 Allées de craponne 

13300 Salon-de-Provence - FRANCE

Tél :  +33 (0)4 13 22 83 32

E-mail :


Swiss Bio Inov S.A.

Z.I.Pré-Bryand 14

Green Places - Box 30

1510 Moudon - SUISSE

Tél : 0041 21 991 31 30

E-mail :

Version 1.0.0  Date of update: May 2018
Not commercially available in the USA
Manufactured by: Swiss Bio Inov
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