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Low Level Light Therapy

Swiss Bio Inov introduces its 4th generation of the ATP38® and is becoming the benchmark in the medical field.

This is an LLLT «Low Level Light Therapy» device characterised by wavelengths. They are transmitted locally and received by weakened cells. Penetrating deeply into the heart of the cells, these wavelengths stimulate them and accelerate their regeneration process.
The ATP38® is a tool that reduces and relieves pain, accelerates healing and treats inflammation.


First used by NASA for their qualities that accelerated the healing of astronauts’ wounds, photons have subsequently been the subject of numerous clinical studies confirming their effectiveness and safety.
Thanks to these stimulant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and curative properties, their application has today been extended to all branches of medicine.

The benefits of the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum have been exploited in the medical field for centuries.


Swiss Bio Inov Europe

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13300 Salon-de-Provence - FRANCE

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Swiss Bio Inov S.A.

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Green Places - Box 30

1510 Moudon - SUISSE

Tél : 0041 21 991 31 30

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Version 1.0.0  Date of update: May 2018
Not commercially available in the USA
Manufactured by: Swiss Bio Inov
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