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Taking into account the technological possibilities, Swiss Bio Inov has chosen to decline its device in several areas: General medicine, oncology, dentistry, sports medicine, physiotherapy & dermatology.

An exclusive, painless, non-invasive treatment 

A concentration of new technologies combined with better techniques, acting on the principle of biostimulation. The
ATP38® favours power density, in other words a strong concentration of photons to quickly deliver the total intended energy dose. The practitioner can configure his or her own protocols for the treatment.

The ATP38® makes it possible to treat larger surfaces with greater precision while scientifically guaranteeing the energy dose on the treated surface.

This device enables you to:

Vary the offered treatments,
- Save time on each type of treatment,
- Optimise your patients’ care.

The ATP38® has beneficial effects for your patients :- Psychological effects (advanced technology, progress ...),
- Physiological effects (reduces pain, eases inflammation, accelerates healing, no side effects ...),
- Economic effects (different treatments offered in 1 single session).

We ensure support at the launch of the concept and provide for ongoing training.

Les séances

The sessions are held in your office only.

After performing a diagnosis of your patient, a treatment protocol will be determined indicating the number of sessions required. The duration of a session, including the preparation time, can vary from 1 to 20 minutes depending on the type of photo-stimulation treatment performed. Compatible with all skin types, the ATP38® panels are applied a few centimeters from the area to be treated. In addition, ATP38® can be a supplement or alternative to conventional treatments and care.

Organisation of a session in your practice 



Selection of





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Swiss Bio Inov S.A.

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Version 1.0.0  Date of update: May 2018
Not commercially available in the USA
Manufactured by: Swiss Bio Inov
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