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ATP38® // Manufactured by : Swiss Bio Inov. Route de Sommentier 14C – 1687 Vuisternens-Devant-Romont – Suisse. S.A with a capital of 100 00 CHF – RCS Fribourg : CH-217-3553976-2 – N° TVA : CHE 426.383.035.Distribute by: Biotech Dental. Biotech Dental. A French company under the French law with acapital of 24 866 417 € –Commercial register Salon de Provence: 795 001 304 – SIRET: 795 001 304 00018 – VAT number: FR 31 79 500 13 04.Medical device of class IIA. Technology for medical applications: Analgesic action, Anti-inflammatory, Healing. CE0459. The device should be used by qualified and trained medical professionals. A protection glasses is mandatory for the practitioner and the patient. The device is contraindicated for patients with pacemaker, epileptic patients, pregnant women and prepubescent population.Read carefully the instruction manual. Visuals are not contractual.

Not commercially available in the USA

COLLAPAT® // Manufactured by: SYMATESE – Biotech Dental – 305, Allées de Craponne – 13300 Salon de Provence – France.
A simplified company limited by shares (S.A.S.) with a capital of €24,866,417 – Corporate and Trade Register of Salon de Provence: 795 001 304 – SIRET [business registration number]: 795 001 304 00018 – VAT No.: FR 31 79 500 13 04. For health professionals only. Before use, refer to the product use instructions. Medical device categorised as III in the list of reimbursed products under article L165-1 of the French Social Security Code. The COLLAPATII bone implant is only reimbursed in cases of orthopaedic surgery and not for oral or dental surgery. COLLAPAT® II holds the CE marking (European Conformity) from the certified organisation G-MED n°0459 and is a Class III implantable medical device manufactured by SYMATESE – Chaponost – FRANCE. Images are for representation purpose only.

NEA COVA™ / MATRI INJECT™ // Manufacturer: Biomatlante SA. Distribute by: Biotech Dental. Biotech Dental SAS a french company under the french law with a capital of 24 866 417 € – Commercial register Salon de provence: 795 001 304 – SIRET: 795 001 304 00018 – VAT number: FR 31 79 500 13 04. Implantable steril medical device CE0123 marked Class III for surgery reserved for health professionals. Read carefully the instructions. Images are for representation purpose only.